Wednesday, February 1, 2012


As much fun as it would be to start a blog with the name project procrastination and then leave it completely without content (the irony of it makes me alternate between a giddy giggles and hyena hysterics), I've decided to start things off with a Bang. So, BANGARANG, here is one of the most dead sexy rooms known to man. Ah, well, umm, urgh, known to me.

Then there is this room. Seriously! Who lives here and why isn't it me? Black walls, ceiling, gold AND zebra! A little over the top, maybe, but who cares when its this fun? I want to crawl right into this picture. Can you see me curled on the corner of the couch? Holding a crystal rocks glass, or a flute of champagne, wearing a silk kimono, smelling of incense and money? Me either, but its the start of a perfectly good fantasy. Just a start though, if its my fantasy (and it is dang it) there needs to be a little something off,  something a little random grandma fab, a little gypsy glamorous, maybe even something diy. Stay tuned and maybe I'll turn this Project Procrastination into a project in the works. I'll let you share my fantasies, and at the very least, I promise to show you pretty pictures.                                                                                 

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  1. Love you Mandi and I'm so glad to see you in blog land!!! Can't wait to read all you have to share!!!